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Chicagoland CPAs is a practice of certified public accountants serving Illinois. We offer accounting, tax and financial management solutions for small business, corporations and individuals. We are a leading source of professional services for each of our clients – we always stay current with all Accounting Chicago regulations and tax law updates that can have an impact on business. As part of our dedication to excellent client care, we always take a proactive interest in the fiscal health of our clients.
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Accounting Chicago

Accounting Chicago Tax Services

Our staff understands that limiting your business’ tax liabilities requires aggressive, prompt tax planning. When you choose us for your Accounting Chicago, we create a financial plan that remains current all through the year rather than only during the tax season.

We also make it a point to remain alert for any changes in relevant tax laws that can relate to your business with respect to tax liabilities or regulations. Chicagoland CPAs puts a premium on the accounting demands of our clients through creative, pragmatic solutions to tax planning in the areas of:

  • *Comprehensive Tax Services: individual, corporate, partnership and multi-state
  • *Alternative minimum tax plans
  • *International tax planning
  • *Tax consulting and opinions
  • *Resolution for IRS problems
  • *Retirement plans, succession planning for business
  • *Payroll tax solutions
  • *Tax alternatives and methods for reducing your taxes

Accounting Chicago for Small Business

Our team of experienced Accounting Chicago and financial planners know the complex issues of contemporary business settings. From individuals and skilled tradespeople to contractors or retailers, we know the cash flow worries, tax matters and financial management issues that are of significant concern to any business.

You’ll need reliable fiscal statements to have an accurate picture of your business’ state and possibilities for the future. With our team as your Accounting Chicago provider, you can be confident that we will always supply a crystal clear portrayal of your finances – which means you’ll have the peace of mind and confidence it takes to keep growing!

Our Accounting Chicago services for small business covers:

  • *Certified valuations for business
  • *Budgetary, fiscal projections
  • *Business planning
  • *Support for litigation
  • *Debt restructure strategies
  • *Payroll services
  • *Incorporating and forming a business entity in Chicago
  • *Tax solutions for business partnerships, multiple-state, individuals and corporations
  • *Bookkeeping and financial statement preparations
  • *Reviews, compilations and audits
  • *Tax opinions and consulting

Accounting Chicago – Financial Statement Separation

Based on the needs of your business, our firm’s financial statement solutions provide three levels of assurance:

Audits: This is typically the top level of assurance with respect to third parties. Audits involve an assessment of inventory, balances and certain transactions. We also verify the relevant account balances, confirm relevant information and correct any existing errors.

Reviews: A financial review is a more restricted level of assurance for outside interests. An Accounting Chicago review serves to verify financial statements via analytical processes and inquiries. Reviews, in addition, can help locate items that might call for more analysis and can help retain the integrity of the related data.

Compilations: Compilations are usually done for the purposes of internal business based on information supplied by management. Compilations do not equate to assurance but may include some alterations to the financial records.

About Chicagoland CPAs

Located at 5519 North Cumberland Drive, our firm was founded in 1994 as a provider of Accounting Chicago, tax and business adviser services to small businesses, corporations and individuals. We have developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of each of our clients through a detailed approach. At Chicagoland CPAs, our staff has the expertise to supply clients with the practical advice needed for best practices in today’s competitive marketplace.