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Chicagoland CPAs is a certified public accounting firm providing a wide selection of services for clients in a number of different industries. For corporations, small businesses and individuals, we work hard to meet all of our clients’ needs. The regulatory and financial environment faced by business people today is complex and always changing, making sound accounting services critical for success.

We have the skills and expertise serving the legal industry to provide you with the practical advice needed to help you address the financial side of your needs.
At Chicagoland CPAs, we make it our goal to understand the individual needs of every client including addressing industry specific challenges, compliance needs and standard tax practices.

Our firm is experienced in providing reliable accounting services and financial management in the following areas:

Our experienced staff knows that reducing your tax liabilities calls for aggressive and timely tax planning. When your business selects Chicagoland CPAs, we develop a financial strategy that is kept up-to-date throughout the year instead of just during tax season. We stay aware of changes to tax laws that can impact your business with future tax liabilities or other regulations. Chicagoland CPAs puts a priority on the accounting needs of our client’s through innovative, practical solutions to tax planning in these areas:

  • All Tax Services — corporate, partnership, multi-state, individual tax preparation
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • International tax
  • Tax consulting and tax opinions
  • IRS problem resolution
  • Retirement planning and succession planning
  • Payroll tax
  • Tax alternatives and ways to reduce your taxes
  • Tax planning

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Our staff of experienced accounting and financial professionals know the complicated issues in today’s small business environment. From individuals and tradespeople to builders and contractors, we understand the cash flow concerns, tax questions and financial management matters that are vital to the success of any business.

You’ll need consistent financial statements to get a good picture of your current business condition and your outlook for the future. With Chicagoland CPAs you’ll be confident that your accounting services are a clear reflection of your finances – so you can focus on growing your business.

Our accounting and financial management services for small business includes:

  • *Tax services for partnerships, multi-state, individuals and corporations
  • *Bookkeeping and accounting
  • *Financial statement preparation
  • *Compilations, reviews and audits
  • *Tax opinions
  • *Tax consulting
  • *Certified business valuations
  • *Budgets and financial projections
  • *Business plan development
  • *Litigation support
  • *Debt restructuring
  • *Payroll
  • *Assistance with leading accounting software
  • *Chicago incorporation and formation of business entities

Whatever the number of annual transactions your business may make, standard bookkeeping can be a time-consuming and difficult task. At Chicagoland CPAs we’ll save you time by managing your finances and providing top quality accounting.

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According to the needs of your company, our financial statement services consist of all three levels of assurance:


An audit is the highest level of assurance to third parties. Audits include an examination of inventories, account balances and selected transactions. We also confirm those balances, verify related information and correct or remove errors.


Reviews are a more limited level of assurance provided to outside interests. A Chicagoland CPAs review verifies financial statements through analytical procedures and inquiries. Reviews also help find items that may require further analysis and help preserve your data’s integrity.


Compilations are typically performed for internal business purposes using information provided by that business’ management. Compilations do not offer assurance but might include some adjustments to your records.

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As the variety of needs for certified business valuing continues to grow, Chicagoland CPAs offers thorough analysis that identifies what drives the value of your company or service. Whether it’s the sale of a business, a limited partnership or estate planning, this service is very beneficial and brings results. We’ll analyze what generates value to your business and help you make sound financial decisions.

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Our firm has an extensive background in the taxation of U.S companies that do business internationally as well as foreign corporations that do business here in the U.S.

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Although no one can always predict the future events and challenges that can shape your business, it is always wise to plan ahead. At Chicagoland CPAs our combined experience and expertise can help you develop your business strategy. Projecting for the financial future is critical to your success – we stay current with market trends and updates so your business is prepared for the challenges you may face. Whatever your accounting needs may be, our services can vary from high level reports to in depth financial models.

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Litigation support services are effective for a number of situations, such as financial investigations, commercial litigation, bankruptcies, and business valuations. These solutions can entail quantification of financial loss, assessment of bank records, and fraud investigation. Business records can be complex and take time to evaluate, but with our staff’s experience we’ll sort through your statements and produce sound advice in the event you are involved in litigation.

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Payroll services allow you to spend less time on administrative matters through the development of a payroll system that facilitates processing, consistent payments and tax return preparation.

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Chicagoland CPAs performs a number of financial services to assist entrepreneurs and business owners with their daily transactions using accounting software. Through our many years of accounting services, businesses from around the Chicago region have reached out to us for assistance with their accounting software to organize their bookkeeping and control of cash flow. If you have a business start-up, call Dario for any of the following:

  • Standard accounting software set-up
  • Custom accounting software set-up
  • Technical support for accounting software

Accounting software programs can help meet the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. But while it does make bookkeeping simpler, it requires adequate knowledge of its many features and functions. To optimize the software for sound business practices accounting software must be installed and set up correctly – which is why we’re certified by a leading accounting software provider. We assist a number of our client’s with training and troubleshooting for accounting software to get them on track toward accurate and timely bookkeeping.

As a busy small business owner, your time has value. To make the most of your time we offer training and continuing support in accounting software. To learn more call Dario at 773-930-4503, extension 103.

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To make incorporation easier for start-ups and developing businesses, Chicagoland CPAs provides:

  • *Business entity formation and selection
  • *Incorporation and business formation
  • *Business plan development
  • *Loan assistance and support
  • *Bookkeeping and payroll
  • *Cash flow projections
  • *New business consulting

We can help make the development stage of your business streamlined and more efficient – giving you more time to be productive. Visit our offices for a FREE initial consultation. We’ll help you choose the appropriate structure that achieves your particular business goals. Substantial tax savings may be possible depending on the type and structure of your endeavor.

Our clients typically see annual tax savings with this efficient two step approach:

  • *Choose the correct form of structure for your business concern, which could be S-corporation, C-corporation, a partnership or a Chicago LLC.
  • *Implement a quarterly tax plan service that secures an ideal tax position and maximizes available benefits.

Businesses around Chicagoland contact our firm with corporations that are already formed, but may not be getting all the tax benefits they could be receiving. To learn more about how our firm can improve your financial and tax management call us for a FREE initial consultation.

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