Ensure Compliance with Tax Laws by Using Same Guides as IRS Auditors

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Auditors with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) use publications called audit technique guides (ATG) to help prepare them to conduct a tax audit. Under IRS regulations, businesses can use the same guides to check for compliance. The IRS offers ATGs in multiple categories such as type of business and special situations. Common examples of the [...]

3 Major Accounting Areas Every Small Business Owner Should Know

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If you own a small business, it's vital that you have an intimate understanding of your numbers. Accounting is the study of how this data is gathered and reported, but there is, interestingly, more than one way to do this. Your business not only makes its financial decisions based on accounting data, but outside agencies [...]

Four Strategies to Set Business Goals that are Actually Profitable

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While all business owners want to earn as much profit as possible, they aren't always sure of the best and smartest ways to do so. Perhaps you can relate to having a strong desire to create profitable business goals for your company but only a vague idea on how to set and execute them? Chicagoland [...]