Chicago Accountant

Welcome to Chicagoland CPAs. We are a certified public Chicago Accountant firm offering a range of services for clients in many different industries. Whether you’re a small business seeking tax preparation help, a family-owned restaurant looking to upgrade your bookkeeping system or an entrepreneur with a startup enterprise, it’s always our practice to take a proactive active interest in the best possible financial management for your business.

Chicago Accountant

Consider our firm as your single source for affordable Chicago Accountant solutions for:

Law Firm Accounting. At Chicagoland CPAs, we know that time is money, so when it comes to law firm services you most likely don’t have extra time to assess and resolve internal law practice matters. Our accountants have expertise in serving the legal industry and can provide you with sensible advice you’ll need to manage the financial aspect of your law practice in areas such as:

  • * Compensation and retirement planning
  • * Mergers, acquisitions and buyouts
  • * Succession planning and partnerships
  • * Bookkeeping and financial statement compilations
  • * Chicago Accountant, tax planning and tax compliance
  • * Audit assistance
  • * Cash flow analysis

Construction Firm Accounting. For the particular demands of contractors, residential and commercial builders and associated trades, clients depend on us for reliable Chicago Accountant solutions. We understand the ins and outs of construction industry accounting and apply sound financial management practices. Our professional services for construction industry clients include:

* Comprehensive business, individual and multiple-state accounting and tax solutions
* Surety bond service
* Job pricing and set-up
* Equipment pricing evaluation
* Restructuring of debt and overhead rate evaluation
* Cash flow analysis
* Succession planning

Small Business Chicago Accountant

Our knowledgeable accounting and financial management staff understands the complex issues any small business faces in today’s competitive environment. From individual tradespeople to large-scale builders and general contractors, there are cash flow considerations, tax concerns and financial management practices that are fundamental to the ongoing success of any small business endeavor. That’s why you need reliable financial statements to have an accurate assessment of your latest business status and your prospects in the future. With Chicagoland CPAs as your Chicago Accountant, you can have confidence knowing that our services will always present a sound representation of your financials. Our Chicago Accountant services for small business includes:

  • * Tax preparation for business partnerships, multiple-states, individuals and corporate entities
  • * Bookkeeping and financial statement preparations
  • * Compilations and audits
  • * Tax opinions and consulting
  • * Certified business appraisals
  • * Budgets and financial projections
  • * Business planning development
  • * Litigation support services
  • * Debt restructuring
  • * Payroll
  • * Incorporating in Chicago, formation of small business entities

Hospitality Industry Accounting. Restaurants, hotels and entertainment-based businesses in the Windy City count on our staff for a Chicago Accountant firm with a concentration on their unique industry.

Because we thoroughly understand accounting for this market sector, hospitality entities of all sizes and specialties have come to rely on our expertise for:

  • * Complete tax services and consulting
  • * Point-of-sale accounting
  • * Pricing and costing systems for labor, food and beverage
  • * Tip allocation
  • * Cash flow assessment and payroll
  • * Budgets, financial projections

Hi-Tech Accounting. We offer customized Chicago Accountant services with the needs of the technology sector in mind, offering financial management, tax and bookkeeping services for:

  • * Computer repairs and software developing
  • * Internet providers
  • * Website hosting and development
  • * Information Technology consulting
  • * Database management and database storage
  • * Start-up hi-tech companies

We provide a free initial consultation for business owners! To schedule an appointment call our offices at 773-930-4503, extension 103, and ask for Dario.